St Bernadette's Catholic Primary

With Jesus in our Hearts, we have:

The passion to learn,

The courage to fail,

The strength to love

Who's Who

St Bernadette's Catholic Primary School 


 Staff List 2020-2021 




Executive Headteacher

Mrs Dix (SLT)*

Head of School

Mr Lynch (SLT)*


Reception – Shakespeare

Mrs Dixon / Mrs Matthews

Year 1/2 - Columbus

Miss Hyatt 

Year 1/2 - Anning  

Miss Richardson

Year 1/2 - Seacole

Mr Aldridge

Year 3/4 – Wilberforce

Ms Turner

Year 3/4 - Parks

Mr Taylor (SLT)*

Year 3/4 - Einstein 

Mrs Sahin

Year 5/6 - Armstrong

Mrs Rawlings

Year 5/6 – Mandela

Mrs Dickinson (SLT)*  

Year 5/6 – Hawking

Mrs Holder

PPA Cover

Mrs Emanuel (SLT)*  Mrs Grier (SLT)* 

Learning Support Assistants


Mrs Francis


Miss Ryan, Mrs O’Shea, Mrs Heritage


Mrs Salvidge, Mrs Bykowska, Mrs Gravestock


Mrs Horos, Mrs Miller, Mrs Ashford

Special Needs Assistants

Mrs Robertson, Mrs Gould, Mrs Lester, Mrs Sullivan,

Mrs Roberts

Office Staff

Business Manager

Miss Ryan

Senior Administration Officer

Mrs Dias

Administration Officer

Mrs White

Senior Administration Assistant

Mrs Dale

Clerk to Governors

Mrs Ward

Site manager

Site manager

Mr C Gurung



Mrs Gould, Mrs Ghale

Mid- day Supervisors

Mrs Gould, Mrs Robertson, Miss Ryan,

Mr Gurung, Mrs Bennett, Mrs Moore, Mrs Amor,

Mrs Francis, Mrs Salvidge, Mrs Miller

Special Educational Needs


Mrs T Robertson

Inclusion Manager

Mrs A Baxter

After School Club


Mrs Wells


 Mrs Bennett

* Senior Leadership Team