St Bernadette's Catholic Primary

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Chaplaincy Team

Chaplaincy Team 


The Chaplaincy team describe themselves as, ‘Members who provide spiritual care’. There are two children from each class who make up the School Chaplaincy Team. They play a vital role in enhancing and promoting the School Mission Statement and Gospel values alongside our faith to students and the wider community. We have a group of passionate children from across all year groups who work closely together to provide a range of well-planned and effective opportunities for the spiritual and moral development of pupils and staff.


The Chaplaincy team meet once every two weeks to discuss issues, find solutions and consider different ways in which they are strengthening mission and deepening spirituality. They listen and respond to the voices’ of their peers, discuss and develop ideas collaboratively, and launch whole school initiatives.



The Chaplaincy Team Aims to:

  • Help the school to grow as a community of faith
  • Actively participate to significantly enhance the Catholic life and mission of the school
  • Encourage the pupils to live their faith in daily living
  • Support liturgy, prayer and the spiritual life of the school
  • Support the school and pupils to live out the School Mission Statement and Charism Gifts
  • Promote and involve pupils in fundraising for local, national and global charities
  • Take a leading role in responding to the demands of Catholic Social Teaching Principles
  • Be the voice of change



Planning and Leading Liturgical Prayer


The Class Chaplains show true leadership as they work together, with Mrs Emanuel and their class teachers to plan and deliver prayer groups, liturgies and acts of worship across the whole school. 


The Class Chaplains play a leading role in planning and delivering liturgical prayer to the class with their peers. They also take an active role in leading daily prayers in classroom; directing the focus to the class prayer table and lighting a candle.


During Advent and Lent, the Key Stage 2 Chaplains take it in turns to work with other children from other year groups to plan, resource and deliver special weekly liturgical prayers. These are in addition to class liturgical prayer and children from across the school can attend. This helps us mark and reinforces key messages during these special times of preparation. 

During Lent, the Key Stage 2 Chaplains plan and resource Lenten Prayer Stations for all children across the school to engage in.


Responding to Pupil voice


The Chaplaincy team are able to express their views and be a voice for pupils across the school. In meetings, the children are actively asked for their opinions and thoughts. They also have a responsibility to listen and respond to voices and opinions of others, even if those differ to their own.


They participate in group discussions, contribute suggestions, ways and opportunities for further spiritual development across the school. This may be around which charities to support at specific times of the year, ideas for a whole school display or how to develop spirituality further in the classroom. Members of the team will then willingly take on leadership roles to deliver this change, with the support of adults.  

Called to Action


The School Chaplaincy Team play a leading role in responding to the demands of Catholic Social Teaching and are proactive in finding ways of responding, locally, nationally and globally. They gladly embrace the responsibility to pursue the common good and serve those in need.


They do so by supporting and working alongside charities such as Farnborough Foodbank, CAFOD and CARITAS.