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Latin Club

September, 2018



Dear Parents and Pupils


I am pleased to say that once again your son or daughter will have the chance to learn Latin at the “Minimus” club after school at St. Bernadette’s on a Friday from 3:30 to 4:15pm, starting on 28 September, 2018. This club is being offered free of charge. As well as learning the Latin Language, there will be lots of exciting things for you to do, like arts and crafts, competitions with prizes and drama.


The dates when the club will run are as follows:


Christmas Term

Spring Term

Friday 28 September

Friday 18 January

Friday 5 October

Friday 25 January

Friday 12 October

Friday 1 February



Friday 2 November

Friday 1 March

Friday 16 November

Friday 8 March

Friday 23 November

Friday 15 March

Friday 30 November



This club is for Year 5 and Year 6 pupils and has been running successfully for several years. All are welcome- whether you came last year, or would like to give it a go for the first time. Minimus provides an exciting introduction into the world of the Romans in Britain with lots of colourful pictures and comic strips. It is about a real Roman family who lived in Britain about two thousand years ago. The course is about the Dad, Flavius, who is in the Roman army, the Mum Lepidina and their three children. It is brought to you by the small mouse “Minimus” – ‘mus’ meaning mouse in Latin!


We are very excited to be able to teach this course. Each child will have their own text book to use in the club and we will run some competitions where you will have the chance to win some exciting prizes. Latin is a very fun language that also helps with learning Modern Foreign Languages – such as French! We will also be studying History in the Minimus course and you will have chances to sing, act and create things. The course will also help you when you go to Secondary School.


If you would like to find out more about Minimus, then there is a website with information, as well as fun Latin activities. It is


Places in the club are limited and will be allocated on a first come, first served basis and we hope for a lot of interest! So please get your slips in quickly so as to be sure you have a place! We look forward to seeing you soon!


Vale! (Goodbye)



Farnborough Hill Sixth Form Minimus Team




  1. I give permission for my son/daughter, _____________________ (pupil’s name) to attend the ‘Minimus’ club on Friday afternoons from 3:30 to 4:15pm




(Signed Parent/Guardian)