St Bernadette's Catholic Primary

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Catholic Social Teaching

"What you own belongs to the Lord and is given for the good of all."


                                                                                   Leviticus 25: 23

Catholic social teaching (CST) is rooted in Scripture, formed by the wisdom of Church leaders, and influenced by grassroots movements. It is our moral compass, guiding us on how to live out our faith in the world.

Our faith invites us all to champion the rights of those with no voice, seeks to bring dignity to the poor and welcomes the stranger among us.

The children are taught about the principles of CST through the curriculum and live it out through their actions locally, nationally and globally.  


These are the CST principles that we teach and follow at the school.

Pope Francis wrote; "Local individuals and groups can make a real difference."


                                                                                     para 214 Laudio Si May 2015


We want our children to be supported to become well-rounded, confident, and respectful individuals who are instilled with a sense of social justice and are constantly striving to be the best they can be. Catholic Social Teaching calls us to work for the common good, help build a just society, uphold the dignity of all our brothers and sisters, especially those in the greatest need. Here is how the children have recently showed their faith in action:

Catholic Social Teaching in Action

Pupils play an active role in responding to the demands of Catholic Social Teaching. Pupils are fully engaged in projects, campaigning and supporting those in need locally, nationally and globally.


Human dignity: All human life is sacred

We value and care for each other as unique persons, made in the image and likeness of God

We live our School’s Mission Statement and Charism Gifts

We celebrate different nationalities

We learn about other faiths

We celebrate diversity

We sponsor and support Toilet Twinning

We hold termly CAFOD assemblies

We fundraise and campaign for those in need

We have mental health awareness days

We have ‘Wear what you love’ days

We take part in Anti-Bullying week and take part in Anti-Bulling workshops 



Common good: What is best for everyone?

We donate and support Farnborough Food Bank

We organise charity events

We support and campaign for Fairtrade

We actively engage in whole school projects to make a difference to others

We undertake whole school projects supporting us to live out the CST principles

We take part in fundraising events at different points of the year, like the ‘Big Lent Walk’ for CAFOD



Option for the poor and vulnerable: Putting people in need first 

We support charities and those in need

We pray for those in need

We take part in theme days to raise awareness and money

We do not judge others

We work alongside CARITAS

We support vulnerable children, parents and families



Solidarity: We are one big family

We work with Ellen Hynes the School’s CAFOD volunteer

We supported ‘Walk a mile against Hunger’ for CAFOD in solidarity with refugees who walk perilous journeys to safety

We fundraise for the victims of war, conflict and disaster

We support local charities

We have a year R and year 6 buddy system

We hold a community Big Breakfast morning

We build relationship by writing care home pen pals

We work alongside the Mayfield Community Partnership and other churches in the local community 



Stewardship: We are part of and need to care for creation

We understand we each have a personal responsibility for our Common Home

We have a school Stewardship Team who actively participate and lead projects across the school  

We conserve energy and look at energy use across the school 

We recycle and reuse at school and home

We are working alongside CARITAS to develop our school grounds

We have a clothing bank in school to support national and global charities

We litter pick on the school grounds

We reuse things wherever possible- DT, Art, projects



Subsidiarity: All people should participate and have a say

We give pupils the opportunity to be heard and have their say at termly pupil conferencing

We vote for team members democratically

We support the Chaplaincy, Stewardship and School Council teams to take an actively lead for change and be the voice of change

We speak-up, by campaigning for things we believe in. E.g. COP26 and Fairtrade