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Sports Leadership

'The best thing about leading sport is trying to support other people to join in with sport and most importantly make them smile!  My favourite lunch time activity was teaching the Year 1/2s football.'
Year 6
'I have enjoyed teaching KS1 keepy ups - they were all trying so hard! I also enjoyed organising the PE shed, making sure the balls were pumped for PE lessons. I have enjoyed being a Sport Leader this year and hope to be one at my next school!'
Year 6
'I have thoroughly enjoyed being a sports leader, I got to be in charge of pumping the balls and helping others.'
Year 6
'I have tried to get more people involved in playing sports this year. My favourite sport was teaching the year 1/2s rounders at lunchtimes. I loved doing the mile run with my friends.'
Year 6
'This year I have loved helping KS1 children by doing activities involving hula hooping and balancing bean bags. They enjoyed learning new sports.'
Year 6
'I really enjoyed doing rounders with Anna and Sephora, I taught the Year 1/2s how to play 4square, it was really fun!'
Year 6
'I liked being able to do sports all the time through my lunch breaks, I got to teach people how to play with good sportsmanship.'
Year 6
'I have enjoyed helping and playing with KS1'
Year 6
'I liked being a sports leader this year and I hope to continue at my new school'
Year 6