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Responding to concerns

Responding to Concerns

Responding to Concerns 1

Responding to Concerns

Catholic schools aim to be places where love is evident at all times. Staff are committed to pastoral care for children in every way. Nevertheless, as in any organisation, misunderstandings can occur and mistakes can be made which might lead to a concern on behalf of a parent. Should you have such a concern you are invited to approach the class teacher to discuss the matter informally. We are committed to responding to a concern as quickly and sensitively as possible in order to resolve the concern promptly. If parents or carers feel this is not achieving a resolution they are invited to make an appointment with the headteacher. Parents are asked to follow our Complaints Procedure.


Should a parent remain dissatisfied they may contact the Diocese and Hampshire Local Authority as follows:


Secretary to the Director of Schools

Catholic Academies and Schools Office

St Swithun Wells House

22 Edinburgh Road




The Chief Education Officer
Hampshire Local Authority
The Castle
SO23 8UG


Concerns should be put in writing with copies of all relevant documentation enclosed.


Access to documents

Documents from the Local Authority or Department for Children, Schools and
Families may be seen upon request. Please make your request in writing to
the school office.