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RSPB Visit

Pupil recounts of the visit:

On Thursday 13.7.17 (this morning) a lady came to our class to tell us about nature and habitats. She came from the RSPB. We carefully went outside and the lady gave us a glassy, magnified glass. She would give us a bug pot if we were sensible! What do you think I found first? A bumble bee! I couldn’t touch it but I could look at it closely. It was wonderful when we found an earthworm. After a while we saw a family of slithery, slimy snails that were in some leafless bushes. Two minutes later it was time to go inside. “Line up!” shouted the teacher. We all went inside. What do you think, did I enjoy my morning or did I not enjoy it? It was a morning full of enjoyment!

By Olimpia, Year 2


On Thursday 13.7.17, this morning, a lady came to our class to help us learn about nature and some habitats. She came from the RSPB. We carefully and quietly went outside and the lady gave us some magnifying glasses. She would give us big pots if we were sensible but do you know what we did first? We looked for bugs that were on the list so we could tick it off. We kept on looking and then I found a bumble bee, a wasp and a honey bee. Next we went in the shade then I found an earthworm and then we got to hold it in our hands!

By Isla, Year 2


Pupil Voice:

I liked when we were looking for the bugs because I felt in my heart that I was an explorer. Ali Rab


I liked the plant that was very squishy because it has strawberry juice inside it. Bartek


I liked it when we were hunting for bugs because it was fascinating! Paige


I liked finding all the bugs because they looked pretty. Mika


I liked the red ants that go in holes. Kain


I liked searching for bugs because it was interesting. -Olimpia


I liked looking for bugs because I got to look into places that I don’t normally go. Luigi