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Tuesday 28th January Group Photographs - Thursday 6th February Our Lady of Lourdes Mass at 10.30am at school - Friday 14th February Inservice Day School Closed - Monday 17th February - Friday 21st February Spring Half Term - Tuesday25th February Learning Review Evening 5.15pm-7.45pm - Wednesday 26th February Ash Wednesday Service KS2 at OLSD 9.30am / KS1 at school at 10.30am - Thursday 27th February Learning Review Evening 3.45pm-6.15pm - Thursday 12th March Yr 3/4 Mass at OLSD 9.30am - Sunday 15th March CAFOD Fast Day Mass at OLSD at 10.00am - Tuesday 17th March Mothers' Day Sale - Friday 20th Inservice Day School Closed - Tuesday 24th March Reconcillation Year 3/4, 2.00pm - Thursday 26th March Reconcillation Year 5/6, 2.00pm

Mission and Ethos


Our Mission Statement

At our school, with Jesus in our hearts, we have:

The passion to learn,

The courage to fail,

The strength to love.


Our Mission Statement was created by the whole school community to guide, support and underpin all that we do. Children are encouraged to ensure that their behaviour and attitudes strongly reflect our Mission Statement; a message which is constantly reinforced across the curriculum, assemblies, liturgies and daily acts of worship.


We actively teach and promote Catholic Christian values of love, faith, diligence, tolerance and respect for others. We want our children to grow up to be hardworking, confident, resilient individuals who play their part in the world as good citizens who know the difference between right and wrong.


Children are given opportunities to help develop a strong self-esteem and the skills of self- discipline. We encourage them to form positive habits and attitudes in order to promote good physical and mental health.

There are many practical examples of how this happens every day in our school, from curriculum visits and visitors to the active Friends of St Bernadette’s who encourage children and families to become involved in the school community.