St Bernadette's Catholic Primary

With Jesus in our Hearts, we have:

The passion to learn,

The courage to fail,

The strength to love

Curriculum Intent

Guiding Principles

At St Bernadette’s we believe that children learn best when they, and the adults working with them, are happy. They share experiences and the joy of achievement in learning together and enjoy mutual and individual success.


Teaching and Learning

Children in our school flourish when they are in a safe and happy environment. Teachers tailor learning to the needs of all children through highly skillful lesson design which effectively shapes progress. In our classrooms learning should be engaging, driven by the expectations of the national curriculum and thematic, creative based learning. Teachers are expected to have a current understanding of current pedagogy and how this can maximise the progress of all learners.


In every classroom it should be clear that:


  • Learning is accessible and engaging for all and it builds on previous learning 
  • Independence is encouraged by ensuring learners have access to resources, working walls and challenges
  • Staff and children have high expectations for all
  • Teachers and LSAs work collaboratively to teach, mark and assess
  • Teaching and learning is adaptable so all learning opportunities are fully maximised


Organising Learning

Across all phases and year groups there should be consistency and parity. We teach the content and skills identified within the following frameworks:


  • God Matters Scheme of Work (Portsmouth Diocese)
  • National Curriculum
  • EYFS Development Matters
  • Letters and Sounds
  • White Rose Maths
  • Hampshire HIAS Reading and Writing journeys


Each subject is co-ordinated and lead by a specified teacher. It is their responsibility to ensure and monitor the correct coverage of learning and skills throughout the different phases of education within the school, while maintaining a clear whole school view of progression. They work with the Executive Head Teacher, the Head of School and the Senior Leadership Team (SLT) to develop curriculum design and aim for the highest standards possible and aspirational outcomes.