St Bernadette's Catholic Primary

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The courage to fail,

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Building Fund

Diocesan Building Fund

All parents are requested, by Bishop Philip, to provide a voluntary contribution of ₤10.00          per child per term to the Diocesan Building Fund for the Diocese of Portsmouth. 


As a Catholic school, the government funds 90% of any building or maintenance work which is required for the upkeep of the school. The remaining 10% is paid either by the school directly or by the Diocese which comes from a central fund.   


It is expected that the money which the school pays to the Diocese is taken directly from the voluntary contributions it receives from parents to the building fund.  


In the past St Bernadette’s has benefited from a number of projects which have been funded through the Diocesan Building fund scheme.


These have included:

•    Essential roof repairs
•    Resurfacing of the playgrounds
•    Installation of new windows
•    Upgraded toilet facilities
•    Improvement to the Reception play area



Gift Aid

Please fill out a gift aid form to allow tax to be reclaimed by the school. Please see form below or ask the school office for details.