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Start of Term Mass - Tuesday 10th September 10:30am, Curriculum Meeting for Parents - Wednesday 11th September Yr 1/2 at 5pm, Yr 3/4 at 6pm and Yr 5/6 at 7pm, Wednesday 18th September - New Reception Parents Curriculum Meeting 6:30pm

Anti Bullying

On Tuesday 26th September Simon Firth, a storyteller, came in to share a story about Raz and his family.  The story helped pupils to explore the family's experiences and feelings of bullying and racism.  Pupils were encouraged to recognise, tolerate and appreciate cultural diversity.


Gripping Yarns is an association of storytellers, delivering stories to primary schools across the country. Their work addresses PSHE themes and encourages creative responses to complex topic areas and helps to inspire creative writing, art, craft and poetry. All Gripping Yarns projects have been carefully researched, and are scripted and staged to maximise their impact and the clear understanding of core messages, and provide the basis for supported follow-up activities. Projects have been developed in a association with county education advisors, and curriculum consultants. They have been subjected to monitoring, ongoing development and Home Office evaluation to ensure their effectiveness.

Gripping Yearns Workshop - Outside the Circle

Gripping Yearns Workshop - Outside the Circle 1