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Sunday 9th June - Pentecost Sunday, Tuesday 11th June - Father's Day Sale, Thursday 13th June - KS1 Liturgy 10am Parents Welcome, Thursday 20th June - New Parents Evening for Reception, Friday 21st June - School Games Day, Monday 24th June - FOSB Strawberry Tea 2:30pm,

Community Day 2017 - God's Wonderful World

Community Day 2017

On Friday 26th May the whole school community came together to celebrate ‘God’s Wonderful World’. Pupils took part in a range of activities and workshops including: Cafod, bee Keping, gardening, creating pieces of artwork, making bird feeders, planting herbs and much more.


Thank you to all the parents who came in to carry out gardening. The school grounds have been lifted and are almost ready for the Rushmoor In Bloom competition judges who will visit the school later this month.


Many parents stayed to enjoy the liturgy celebrating the Ascension of the Lord, which took place outside on the Key Stage 2 playground. The children’s prayers were attached to balloons and released into the air.


'I enjoyed it, the gardening was fun. When I come into school I look at the flowers I planted. The cake sale was fun and the cake was yummy!'

Bethany, Year 6


'My favourite bit was when we sent the balloons to heaven with our prayers.'

Alfie, Year 5


'I enjoyed when the bee lady came in and spoke about bees. I found out that you have to train to keep bees and she had to take exams.'

Lula, Year 5


'I really liked making the bird feeder because it got really messy! It was a sunny day.'

Hannah Year 4


'At the BBQ I was excited as I got to play with some of my friends. I liked the food!'

Caroline, Year 3