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Rollover Afternoon - Friday 13th July

Kingswood 2017

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Here you can read all about what we are getting up to at the Kingswood Activity Centre on the Isle of Wight. Please take a look at the many photos we’ve uploaded, which provide an insight into our exciting week. We are all having a wonderful time, the weather is dry and the centre has everything we need. We will try to update this section of the school website every day.


Monday 9th October

We all enjoyed a snack as the ferry crossed the Solent, which took about 55 minutes in total. The views on deck were truly amazing and included people waving to us from an enormous passenger liner, which towered over the ferry as it came into port.


The coach arrived at Carisbrooke Castle just after midday. Shortly after arriving we met Jigsaw, one of the castle’s resident donkeys. We enjoyed a demonstration of jigsaw working the 16th century tread wheel, which was truly amazing. The castle's resident donkeys have drawn up water in the well-house for hundreds of years.  Interestingly, the well is 161 feet deep and took two prisoners two years to dig.  We also enjoyed walking around the castle, looking at its fortifications and the spectacular views from the very top of the keep.


Once at Kingswood, we carried our bags to our rooms and we had to make our beds! This was very tricky! When we had done this it was time for a quick fire drill before going to dinner. The food was delicious!


After dinner it was time to get ourselves ready for our first session (take a look at our itinerary for the week).  Following this we had only 20 minutes to prepare for our evening activity – mini Olympics.  After running around for over an hour, we all enjoyed a tasty cup of cocoa before taking part in our evening liturgy and then going to bed. Lights were out by 10pm!  

Tuesday 10th October

We all woke up at 7am, had a shower and prepared our rooms for a quick room inspection.  Scores were low today, but will be better tomorrow!  Everyone was in the food hall for breakfast by 7.55am. There was lots to choose from - cereal, cooked food and yoghurt.  All the teachers enjoyed a well deserved cup of tea! 


Each group took part in six activities throughout the day.  Some of these activities included: Zip wire, Balance Beam, Orienteering, Aeroball, Fire Lighting, Obstacle Course, abseiling and much more. 


In five minutes the children will be going to the cinema to enjoy a movie night.  Hopefully, everyone will be in bed by 9.30pm!


Wednesday 11th October

Yesterday evening we all enjoyed watching Monsters University in the cinema room and didn't end up going to bed until 10.30pm!  The film left us feeling upbeat and happy.  Before going to bed we held a liturgy; reflected on the day's events and listened to pieces of scripture chosen by pupils.  Once in bed, everyone quickly drifted to sleep having had an action packed day.


Up early (took a bit longer this morning to wake the children).  Most were still tired.  Room inspections went well - one group got 10/10, while most achieved scores of at least 8 out of 10!  Super progress! 


Sausages, beans and hash browns for breakfast quickly followed by a quick visit to the Kingswood shop. 


We all enjoyed chicken nuggets or fish fingers with chips and mushy peas for lunch - great food!


Some of us have been on the 3G swing today - exhilarating!


Pupil Voice:

'I am enjoying Kingswood because the energy is great, everyone is friendly and nice.  My friends are always supporting me on every activity.'  (Year 6 pupil)


'Kingswood is one of my best ever experiences.  I really enjoyed the zip wire.  It felt weightless.' (Year 6 pupil)


Everyone is looking foward to the camp fire tonight!





Thursday 12th October

The weather is perfect here at Kingswood - bright and sunny.  We're all looking forward to going to the beach after lunch.  We'll try to upload some more photos later today.


The beach was amazing.  Pupils enjoyed building sand castles and playing games on the beach.  The views were truly beautiful.  Please take a look at some of the pictures we took. 


Everyone is currently taking part in the 5th activity of the day.  Soon we'll have dinner and then enjoy one more activity before getting ready for Club Kingswood!